Template page

This template allows one to link to another template, specifying parameters if supplied.



  • 1 (first unnamed parameter) = The template to link to
  • 2 - 11 (second through eleventh unnamed parameters) = Extra parameters to display. If you wish to use an equals sign in these, you must specify the explicit parameter name (see examples below)
  • 12 (twelfth unnamed parameter) = Put any value for this to make an ellipses appear.
  • LANG and SISTER = Putting anything here allows you to modify the prefix of the link. Supposed to be used to link to interlanguage templates or templates on sister wikis, but pretty much anything can be used here.


  • {{t|Header Nav}}{{Header Nav}}
  • {{t|Delete|Some reason here}}{{Delete|Some reason here}}
  • {{t|User|User name|Alt text}}{{User|User name|Alt text}}
  • {{t|Header Nav|2=game=Game name}}{{Header Nav|game=Game name}}
  • {{t|PokémonInfobox|SISTER=bulbapedia:}}{{PokémonInfobox}}