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Master Quest Dungeon Requirements

From OoT Randomizer Wiki

These requirements were designed with newer players in mind, so they mention few enable-able tricks and no glitches banned under the Standard Ruleset.

Inside the Deku Tree

  • Deku Sticks - Required to light torches/webs and for enemies.
  • Slingshot - Required to reach the compass room, though just reaching Gohma does not if using the B1 skip (Note that this skip is harder on MQ due to the deku baba).
    • If using the B1 skip to avoid the slingshot requirement in the basement, note that after defeating the room full of enemies you need to leave the room and re-enter for the door bars blocking the spinning log room to rise.
  • Deku Shield - Required for the spinning log and Thirty One is Number Two.
    • Hylian Shield will work for the spinning log room.
  • Song of Time and Ocarina - Required for the chest after the spinning log.
  • Kokiri Sword - Not logically required with the Open Forest setting due to the versatility of Deku Sticks.
  • Deku Nuts - Not strictly required, but useful.
  • The compass room Skulltula requires the Boomerang and either Song of Time and Bomb Bag, or a Bombchu.
  • The basement ceiling Skulltula requires Song of Time and Boomerang, whereas the mud wall Skulltula requires Boomerang and explosives.

Dodongo's Cavern

These requirements assume adult access to Dodongo's Cavern.

  • Strength 1 - Sufficient for the first level checks. Strength 1 can also be used to beat King Dodongo after the eyes are lit.
  • Explosives or Skillful use of the Bow - Reach the second floor checks.
    • Alternatively, Hammer can be used to loop around backwards.
  • A Fire Source and Magic - Open the Gohma Larva room as adult. Can be done as child with Deku Sticks.
  • Bomb Bag or Bombchus - This is to light the eyes, but note Bombchus are not in logic. Bombchus also require a difficult trick to be used against King Dodongo, so without Strength, Bomb Bag is usually required.
  • 1F right room Skulltula requires Hookshot and either Strength 1, Explosives, or Bow.
  • 1F left room Skulltula requires Song of Time and Ocarina.
  • Upper Lizalfos Skulltula requires Explosives or Hammer.

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly

  • Scale OR Ocarina, Zelda's Lullaby, & Explosives - Required to enter Zora's Domain. While not part of the weekly settings, the trick "Zora's Domain Entry with Cucco" can be used to reduce this requirement to either scale or explosives.
  • Ruto's Letter - Unless the settings already moved King Zora.
  • Bottled Fish - Easy to get in Zora's Domain if Ruto's Letter was required and entrance randomizer is off.
  • Slingshot - The cows react exclusively to slingshot, so this is hard required to get past the first room.
  • Explosives - Required for three checks plus Skulltulas.
  • Boomerang
  • Deku Sticks or Kokiri Sword - There is a pot with sticks in Zora's Domain.
  • Deku Nuts - Not strictly required, but extremely useful.
  • The Boomerang Room Skulltula requires Song of Time and Ocarina, but can be acquired with just boomerang angled to pass through the SoT block.
  • The invisible enemy room Skulltula requires Magic Meter and Lens of Truth. This is one of the more difficult Lens requirements to skip because the Keese like to perch and fly outside targeting range.

Forest Temple

  • Hookshot - For Temple entry and skulltulas, not necessarily needed to complete the temple itself depending on key layout. The island chest is intended to be reached from above through the falling ceiling room.
  • Bow
  • Strength 1 - For the blocks in the room to the left.
  • Ocarina and Song of Time - For the chest behind the lobby. But if key logic allows, this room can instead be accessed by dropping down from the bow room above and then savewarping out of the room. Potentially also for reaching the top platforms in the east courtyard.
  • Potential requirements dependent on key logic:
    • Longshot - May be required to reach the east courtyard from the west without bow by longshotting the well vines to swim through. (Possible with only hookshot, but not in default logic.) Could also be required to reach top platforms of the east courtyard without Bow, Hover Boots or Song of Time.
    • Iron Boots - Can be used to go from one courtyard to the other through the well.
    • Hover Boots - Used in several OR scenarios in logic, but the chances that it's the only logical way to a chest are slim.
    • Din's Fire - Can be used in place of bow to reach the falling ceiling room.

Fire Temple

  • Fire Source and Magic - Typically Fire Arrows are preferable to Din's due to the way the puzzles are made in MQ Fire Temple.
  • Bow - Even if Din's is the fire source, the bow is needed to carry the fire across the rooms.
  • Bombs/Bombchus - Bombchus are not typically in logic.
  • Hammer - Hard required to damage Volvagia.
  • Goron Tunic - Can be skipped by finding enough heart containers to sufficiently extend the heat timer, but this is out of logic.
  • Potential requirements dependent on key logic:
    • Hookshot
    • Ocarina and Song of Time - Needed to reach the tower which uses Scarecrow's Song in vanilla (can be bypassed with Longshot) and the room off the fire wall maze.
    • Hover Boots - Used to reach Volvagia without dropping the pillar. There is a glitchless jump trick to bypass this requirement called "Fire Temple Boss Door without Hover Boots or Pillar."

Ice Cavern

  • Ruto's Letter - Required unless the King Zora setting is either Open or Open as Adult and another Bottle was already obtained.
  • Ocarina and Zelda's Lullaby - This, plus the bottle from Ruto's Letter, is enough to reach the song check.
  • Explosives
  • Hookshot, Song of Time, and Scarecrow's Song - Only necessary for Skulltulas.
  • A 2nd Bottle - Not required, but makes progression far quicker.

Water Temple

  • Iron Boots
    • It is in logic to open the Water Temple with the Longshot and then dive into the entrance with the Gold Scale, but only the top level is in logic (which is only relevant if keys are removed or can be found outside their own dungeon).
  • Longshot - In Master Quest, this is given immediately and is therefore required for much more of the dungeon than in Vanilla.
  • Potential requirements dependent on key logic:
    • Ocarina and Zelda's Lullaby
    • Din's Fire and Magic
    • Fire Arrows and Bow - Required for one basement Skulltula where three torches are out of Din's Fire range. They can mostly replace the Din's Fire requirement out of logic, but be aware that when the torches are slanted, the hitbox remains vertical.
    • Song of Time - For the Central Pillar Chest.
    • Scarecrow's Song - For the Freestanding Key and basement Skulltulas.
    • Zora's Tunic - Under weekly settings (the trick "Fewer Tunic Requirements" is enabled), this is only expected for the central pillar chest.
    • Very rarely, Hover Boots may be needed if Scarecrow's Song is not available.

Bottom of the Well

  • Ocarina and Song of Storms - Required for entry.
  • Deku Sticks/Kokiri Sword - Jumpslash the crystal switch by the song Triforce to lower the water level.
  • Bomb Bag/Bombchus - Bombchus are not usually in logic. Also count as a projectile to hit the hidden crystal switch past the second crawl space.
  • Zelda's Lullaby - Opens the gates around the central area. Can be skipped with the trick "Bottom of the Well MQ Jump Over the Pits" enabled, using explosives and a backflip/sidehop over the pit. (This trick is not part of weekly settings, but is easy enough to be mentioned here.)

Scale is never required. Normal dive is enough to reach the coffin room.

Shadow Temple

  • Ocarina and Nocturne of Shadow - Necessary to reach entrance.
  • Magic Meter and Din's Fire - Necessary to open entrance.
  • Hover Boots
  • Song of Time
  • Bow
  • Bomb Bag/Bombchus - Bombchus usually not in logic.
  • Strength 1
  • Longshot - Hookshot is mostly sufficient, but five checks requires Longshot. So it is more than likely Longshot will be required for key logic.
  • Zelda's Lullaby - For the ferry.
  • Lens of Truth - Weekly settings remove this requirement.

Gerudo Training Ground

  • Bow
  • Longshot
  • Fire Source and Magic
  • Lens of Truth - For the hidden ceiling chest and exiting the blue fire room.
  • Bottle - For blue fire to melt the red ice wall.
  • Hammer - Drops the Ice Arrows chest and opens the right side doors.
  • Ocarina and Song of Time - Needed to climb the ledge before the eye statue room as the Hookshot Target is removed in Master Quest.
    • The "Ground Jump" trick which uses a Bomb Bag and Shield can skip the need for Ocarina and Song of Time in the room with the Blue Fire.
  • Strength 2
  • Iron Boots and Zora Tunic

Spirit Temple

  • A Method to the Colossus
    • Ocarina and Requiem of Spirit
    • Ocarina, Epona's Song, Hover Boots, Magic Meter, and Lens of Truth
    • Longshot, Magic Meter, and Lens of Truth
  • Bombchus - Boulders block child access above the first floor and adult access beyond the first room.
  • Longshot - Required for adult access beyond the first room.
  • Silver Gauntlets - Required for adult access beyond the first room.
  • Bomb Bag/Bombchus - Bombchus usually not in logic for remaining checks beyond initial access where they are required.
  • Megaton Hammer - Required to lower the sun platform to open the way to the boss room. Also used to drop the paradox chest in the lower child area.
  • Mirror Shield
  • Potential requirements dependent on key logic:
    • Ocarina and Zelda's Lullaby
    • Song of Time - Very likely to be required. Used in entirely too many rooms in this dungeon.
    • Magic Meter and Din's Fire - Required as child on the 1st Floor.
    • Deku Sticks
    • Slingshot and/or Boomerang - Boomerang is good to replace Slingshot for one chest and a Skulltula, other uses require the Slingshot.
    • Bow
    • Fire Arrows
    • Lens of Truth
    • All Child Songs except Saria's - Required for the Symphony Room.

Inside Ganon's Castle

Ganon's Castle has five scrubs and fairies behind an invisible wall on the ground just below the entrance. They sell convenient refills if scrubsanity is off. In the weekly settings, the Lens of Truth isn't expected to access them.

Forest Trial

Two Chests: First requires Bow and the second requires Din's Fire/Fire Arrows and a Magic Meter. The Freestanding Item requires a Hookshot.

Ocarina and Song of Time are required to complete the trial. Hover Boots are useful here, but not strictly necessary.

Fire Trial

No Chests.

Longshot, Strength 3, and Goron Tunic/Wallet to buy a tunic are required to complete the trial. Hover Boots can be used in place of Longshot.

Water Trial

One Chest: A Bottle is required to melt red ice. Blue Fire is available within the trial.

A Bottle and Blue Fire are all that is required to complete the trial as well.

Shadow Trial

First Chest requires one of the following:

  • Bow and Hookshot
  • Bow and Hover Boots
  • Hover Boots, Magic Meter, Lens of Truth, and Bomb Bag/Bombchus - Bombchus are not usually in logic.
  • Hover Boots, Magic Meter, Lens of Truth, and Strength 1
  • Hover Boots, Magic Meter, Lens of Truth, and Din's Fire

Second Chest requires one of the following:

  • Bow, Magic Meter, Lens of Truth and Hover Boots
  • Bow, Magic Meter, Lens of Truth and Hookshot
  • Bow, Magic Meter, Lens of Truth and Din's Fire/Fire Arrows

Hover Boots or the combination of a Hookshot and a Fire Source (and possibly Lens of Truth depending on settings) are required to complete the trial.

Spirit Trial

Bow and Megaton Hammer are required to pass the first room to reach any chests. Bow is not required with the trick Hammer Rusted Switches Through Walls.

First Chest: No additional requirements.

Second Chest: Bombchus, Magic Meter, and Lens of Truth

The Four Chests in the Sun Room: Bombchus, Magic Meter, Fire Arrows, Mirror Shield.

All these requirements are needed to beat the trial, except Lens of Truth.

Light Trial

Only Chest: Strength 3, Ocarina, and Zelda's Lullaby

Hookshot, Magic Meter, and Lens of Truth are required to complete the trial.