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This is a comprehensive list of all the cows in the game. All locations are named as they are in the spoiler log and are accompanied by pictures and item requirements. The purpose of this page is to aid players in finding all the cows spread throughout Hyrule. Keep in mind that in order to receive their randomized item you need to be able to play Epona's Song.

The location names of the stable version will be changed on the next release. When this happens, this page will be updated to reflect the new location names. Feel free to remind me on Discord if I forget. ;)

Kokiri Forest: 1 Cow

Links House Cow

Requirements: Beat Malon's obstacle course in under 50 seconds. Adult only.


Lon Lon Ranch: 4 Cows

Note: when cowsanity is on the cows will be placed further apart from one another than in the images below to prevent the player from accidentally milking the same cow twice rather than both cows once.

LLR Stables Left/Right Cow

Requirements: None.


LLR Tower Left/Right Cow

Requirements: None.


Kakariko Village: 1 Cow

Impas House Cow

Requirements: None.


Hyrule Field: 1 Cow

HF Grotto Cow

Requirements: As child explosives, as adult Hammer. Both ages also need a fire source to reach the cow.


Death Mountain Trail: 1 Cow

DMT Grotto Cow

Requirements: Explosives or Hammer.


Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly MQ: 1 Cow

Jabu Jabus Belly MQ Cow

Requirements: Jabu Access, Boomerang, Slingshot, Explosives, and either Deku Sticks or Din's Fire + Kokiri Sword. Hit the cow switch with the slingshot to spawn the cow. Child only.


Gerudo Valley: 1 Cow

Gerudo Valley Cow

Requirements: None.