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Dungeon Door Requirement

From OoT Randomizer Wiki

The Dungeon Door Requirement (DDR) ruleset is a glitched ruleset designed specifically with randomizer in mind. While the ruleset utilizes glitches, it is meant to be played using glitchless logic; this means that racers of glitchless rulesets (e.g., Standard and GGJ) can immediately play and learn alongside DDR racers.

There are multiple motivations behind creating this ruleset:

  • Provide an opportunity within the randomizer context for players to learn glitches. Because the ruleset is meant to be played with glitchless logic, racers can play with any level of glitch knowledge. It also provides opportunity for new racers to learn glitches off of more experiences players.
  • Provide a set of quality-of-life glitches (e.g., various clips and speed strats), allowing for faster play and for one-use items (e.g., Ruto's Letter and Longshot) to no longer be required.
  • Provide opportunities to bypass the logic without straying too far from it. If the racer has caught onto the logic of the seed, then the racer can utilize certain glitches to bypass certain checks (Example: bypassing finding Requiem in order to get an item in child Spirit Temple). This will also allow for high-risk, high-reward plays to recover from mistakes.

Other rulesets are also available.

  • Please keep in mind that the Universal Rules apply to all OoTR races, including DDR Ruleset races.

Banned Glitches

  • Item Manipulation:
    • Reverse Bottle Adventure (RBA)
    • Bottle Adventure (BA)
    • Get Item Manipulation (GIM)
  • Wrong Warp
  • Arbitrary Code Execution (ACE)
  • Stale Reference Manipulation (SRM)
  • Platform Exclusive Tricks (Bombchus Out of Bounds, Emulator Cheats, etc.)
  • Duping Collectable Items, such as:
    • Skull Duping
    • Bottle Duping
    • Repeating Item Checks (e.g., Duping Man on Roof HP)
  • Hovering off the ground by using ISG in combination with a damage source (e.g., Bomb/Chu hovers, guay hover, biri hover, etc.)
  • Anything other than sword on B (beyond normal cases, such as minigames)
  • Collection Delay (e.g., Gold Skulltula hookshot jump to Fire Arrows)
  • Equip Swapping (e.g., Hammer as Child, Boomerang as Adult)
  • Action Swapping

Dungeon Requirements

In the completion of each seed, two dungeon requirements must be met: the dungeon entrance requirement and the boss door requirement. For the purposes of this ruleset, a “dungeon” refers to locations containing a blue warp (Deku Tree, Dodongo's Cavern, Jabu-Jabu's Belly, Forest Temple, Fire Temple, Water Temple, Shadow Temple, and Spirit Temple) plus Ganon’s Castle. This means that Bottom of the Well, Ice Cavern, and Gerudo Training Grounds are not restricted by these requirements.

Dungeon Entrance Requirement

All dungeons must be opened their intended way (as defined below), so any glitch that allows the player to touch the loading zones for these dungeons prematurely is not allowed.

Below is a list of requirements that must be met in order to enter each dungeon:

  • Deku Tree - Walk into the Deku Tree’s open mouth when the tree is in a fully loaded state (e.g. the hover boost to Deku Tree as adult is not allowed)
  • Dodongo’s Cavern - To enter as child, the rock must be blown up before entering. As adult, the dungeon is already open and is free to enter.
  • Jabu-Jabu's Belly - Jabu must be fully loaded into the scene and presented with a fish in order to activate the "Entering Jabu" cutscene. Any method to clip into Jabu as child is not allowed, nor is any method to enter Jabu as adult. However, methods to clip past King Zora in order to reach Zora's Fountain are permitted, so long as they are not within the banned glitch set listed above.
  • Forest Temple - Use hookshot on the tree to reach the ledge. Bomb hovers cannot be used to enter the temple as they are globally banned in this ruleset.
  • Fire Temple - Simply walk into the temple.
  • Water Temple - The gate must be opened using hookshot or longshot before entering. The temple can then be entered by passing through the open gate using Iron Boots, Ocarina Dive, Gold Scale, etc. Glitches such as a ledge clip to enter Water Temple from behind the loading zone are not allowed, even if the gate has already been opened.
  • Shadow Temple - The door to Shadow must be opened by lighting the torches outside (with Din’s, Fire Arrows, Quick Putaway, etc.). While a Hookshot Jump can still be used as a means to reach the Nocturne platform, sidehopping over the loading zone to prevent the Shadow Temple door from loading is not allowed.
  • Spirit Temple - Simply walk into the main entrance, or into either of the entrances on the Colossus hands, as long as they can be accessed without violating the global ruleset (Spirit Hovers, for example, cannot be used to reach the Colossus hands as hovers are globally banned in this ruleset).
  • Ganon’s Castle - Open the Rainbow bridge per the requirements used when generating the randomizer seed (Hovering to Ganon's Castle, for example, is not allowed as they are globally banned in this ruleset). If there are any Trials on, there is no requirement to complete any of them; that is, methods to skip the Trails that do not violate the global rules is permitted.

A note on entrance randomizer: The dungeon entrance requirements apply to the entrances themselves, not to the dungeon associated with them. Therefore, while these requirements must be met to pass through the associated loading zones, they are not required to complete the dungeon itself if the dungeon is easily accessible elsewhere. For example, if Shadow Temple is in Mido's House, racers do not need to light the torches in Graveyard before completing the dungeon. The racers do, however, still need to light the torches in order to access the loading zone behind the Shadow Temple door in Graveyard.

Boss Door Requirement

In order to touch a loading zone which would normally lead to a boss, the player must open the door which leads to the boss. Practically, this means that all boss key skips or any other methods to clip into boss rooms (including boss rooms found in child dungeons) are banned.

Tips and Advice

  • Savescumming is allowed and encouraged. Use savescumming to utilize keys more efficiently (e.g., as in Gerudo Training Grounds).
  • The glitchless logic is not designed to be used with glitches, so there are a few places where using glitches can softlock the seed. The most notable example: in Shadow Temple, you can use a Gate Clip to clip past the strength block in the boat room. Depending on the key logic, using a key in this area to go to Bongo-Bongo or to the room with the Gibdos can potentailly keylock the dungeon. Be sure to save before opening those doors in the back.
  • Just because an area is accessible with glitches does not mean you should go there. The glitches add movement options, but can also be a massive time loss.
  • While the addition of glitches can speed up gameplay, being able to read the logic of the seed is still important. Use the logic to guide which glitches to use to finish the seed quickly and efficiently.
  • If you are playing on VC (or some emulators) and are planning on doing weirdshots, it is highly recommended to use a non-randomized Kokiri Tunic color, as certain colors will crash should you get the "weird" type of weirdshot. It is not yet understood which colors cause crashes, but the vanilla color is confirmed to be safe. Github icon There are more details starting with this GitHub issue. Note that it is irrelevant which tunic you have equipped while doing the weirdshot.