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Accessible Ruleset

From OoT Randomizer Wiki

This is an archival article! Information here has been left as-is for reference purposes, but should be considered inaccurate, out-of-date, or just no longer relevant.

Reason: As of 2019-11-03, this ruleset is no longer officially supported by the OoTR Community. Standard supersedes it as the most common ruleset for races, and other rulesets are also available.

Formerly, the Accessible ruleset was the most popular ruleset for Ocarina of Time Randomizer. It was a mostly glitchless ruleset that allowed people to participate in races without excessive Ocarina of Time glitch knowledge.

Timing ends upon completion of the last objective in any given category - if defeating Ganon, timing ends on the first frame of the final blow cutscene.

Allowed Techniques

  • Savewarping
  • Deathwarping
  • Voiding to reset Link’s position
  • Power Crouch Stabbing
  • Broken Deku Stick
  • Ground Jump (only from the ground)
  • Jumpslashing while mid-air for more distance
  • Jumpslashing against walls for recoil
  • Momentary Antigravity (e.g. B1 Skip in Deku Tree)
  • Cucco Jump in Zora's River or Gerudo Valley (note that entering the Fortress as Child is banned)
  • Crossing the Haunted Wasteland without Longshot or Hover Boots
  • Backflip over Mido in the Lost Woods as an adult
  • Flame Storage
  • Schrodinger's Chain
  • Rolling from blue switches to open doors
  • Damage Buffering
  • Invincibility Frame Abuse (including passing through flames)
  • Rolling, sidehopping, or backflipping through fire walls
  • Hookshotless Gerudo Training Grounds
  • Opening Shadow Temple with Fire Arrows
  • Damaging Volvagia’s second hitbox
  • Hookshot Extension
  • Passing through the back side of one-sided collision (e.g. the bottom of the bridge in Kokiri Forest, Darunia’s door, Forest’s falling ceiling, Song of Time block in Forest, Impa’s House ledge grab)
  • Backflipping through the spikes in the spike room of Shadow Temple
  • Attacking to collect or hit an object on the other side of a collision
  • Getting grabbed or thrown into collectibles such as GS Tokens or Silver Rupees
  • Swimming with Iron Boots
  • Opening underwater chests while wearing the Iron Boots (and diving in the Lab with Iron Boots)
  • Recoil Jump
  • Twisted sidehops/backflips
  • Any accidental glitch which does not grant the player an advantage is okay.

Banned Techniques

  • Infinite Sword Glitch
  • All forms of superslide
  • Hoverboost, using Hover Boots along with damage or recoil to conserve momentum
  • Damage boosting
  • Megajumps
  • Megaflip
  • Megasidehop
  • Ground Jump while in mid-air (as with Hover Boots)
  • Extended Antigravity
  • Low Gravity Glitch
  • Seamwalking
  • Going out of bounds (any area which is beyond the boundary walls of the map such as an outer seam, or any area which is exposed to the lowest void plane in the map)
  • Touching misplaced or accidentally exposed loading zones (e.g. early Jabu or Trials Skip)
  • “Crazy Dance” or other variants in Spirit Temple
  • Crossing the Gerudo Bridge without Longshot, Epona, or Requiem of Spirit
  • Child in Gerudo Fortress
  • Passing through collision from the front (e.g. all forms of clipping)
  • Cutscene diving to sink into water (including with Navi and Cuccos)
  • Using restricted items (such as Farore’s Wind in the overworld or Ocarina in boss rooms)
  • Item Manipulation (BA, RBA, GIM)
  • Equip Swap
  • Ocarina Items
  • Bottle Duplication
  • Gold Skulltula Token / Heart Piece Duplication
  • Collection delay (e.g. early Eyeball Frog or Gold Scale. Delay happens naturally in many shops if you buy quickly, this is ok)
  • Something except for a sword on B (excluding normal circumstances like riding Epona)
  • Down A, Return A, and Blank A
  • Causing a switch to remain pressed longer than it should
  • Wrong Warp
  • Void Warp
  • Entrance Point Glitch
  • Actor Glitch
  • Bongo Bongo quick kill (Youtube)
  • Bombing (0,0,0) to kill unloaded actors
  • Unloading actors which should clearly be loaded (e.g. King Zora’s ice, graves in the Graveyard, Gold Gauntlet monoliths)
  • Being in unloaded areas (e.g. Gerudo Fortress)
  • Dying to achieve anything other than a deathwarp or health refill (e.g. Jabu “Slimy Thing” skip)
  • Walking while talking
  • Z-slide
  • A-slide
  • Version exclusive tricks