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Here will be listed what is allowed or banned in the Standard racing ruleset, along with examples, an explanation, or a justification where necessary.


  • Any accidental glitch which does not grant the player an advantage is okay
  • Any technique required by the settings of the randomizer is allowed
  • Savewarping
  • Deathwarping
  • Voiding to reset Link’s position
  • Jumpslashing while mid-air for more distance
  • Jumpslashing against walls for recoil
  • Attacking to collect or hit an object on the other side of collision
  • Power Crouch Stabbing
  • Broken Deku Stick
  • Damaging Volvagia’s second hitbox
  • Crossing the Haunted Wasteland without Longshot or Hover Boots
  • Rolling from blue switches to open doors
  • Momentary Antigravity
    • EG: B1 Skip in Deku Tree, going to the alcove in Forest Temple Block Room
  • Cucco Jump in Zora’s River or Gerudo Valley
    • NB: Entering Gerudo's Fortress as child is banned unless otherwise in logic per the settings
  • Damage Buffering
  • Invincibility Frame Abuse
    • This including passing through flame walls and opening flaming chests
  • Backflip over Mido in the Lost Woods as Adult
  • Flame Storage
  • Schrodinger’s Chain
    • This is the act of culling the drawbridge to the castle so that it no longer updates its collision. It's also gotten the affectionate name "cat chain" by the community.
  • Twisted sidehops/backflips
  • Recoil Jump
    • This is the act of shielding damage midair to reset Link's animation, usually in order to grab a ledge
  • Ground Jump
    • NB: it is disallowed to Ground Jump off of the fake ground created by the Hover Boots
  • Hookshotless Gerudo Training Grounds
  • Hookshot extension
    • See below for a caveat
  • Passing through the back side of one-sided collision
    • EG: the bottom of the bridge in Kokiri Forest, Darunia’s door, Song of Time block in Forest, Impa’s House ledge
  • Backflipping through the spikes in the spike room of Shadow Temple
  • Getting grabbed or thrown into collectibles such as GS tokens or Silver Rupees
  • Swimming with Iron Boots
  • Opening underwater chests while wearing Iron Boots and completing the Diving in the Lab with Iron Boots