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“My Seed Is Broken!” (Glitchless Logic)

Solutions to completing randomized runs of Ocarina of Time can sometimes be unintuitive. While your seed may appear to be unbeatable, this isn’t often the case. Thanks to developers much smarter than myself, OoTR’s logic is surprisingly robust. Listed below are some common sources of confusion, grouped by location. If you don’t mind spoiling the rest of your playthrough, instructions to finding your next step will be listed here.

If you follow these steps and still need help, you’re welcome to ask for support in the #questions-gameplay channel of our Discord Server. Make sure to provide your seed and setting string along with any important details about the issue. If it turns out you have indeed encountered a logical flaw, kind members of our team will report issues from there.

Problem Areas by Location

Link’s House:

Stuck beside bed

  • Tilt the Control Stick to move around. Go through the door and you will reach Kokiri Forest. The game gets much easier from there.

Hyrule Field

Open grottos without Bombs

  • Any grotto you can open with Bombs may also be opened with Hammer.
  • Some grottos will only reveal themselves when you play Song of Storms.

Kakariko Village:

Shooting Gallery gives 50 rupees

  • The Fairy Bow/Quiver is required to win the special prize. Otherwise you will receive 50 rupees. #### Can’t get onto rooftops without Longshot
  • Yes you can. Get a little closer and use the Hookshot. #### Well won’t drain
  • Project 64 is known to have issues with this, among other things. For the purposes of this project, we can only recommend using a different emulator.

Goron City:

Reach Goron City from Lost Woods without Bombs

  • You can ignite the Bomb Flowers behind the boulders using Din’s Fire. #### Get big rolling Goron to relinquish goods
  • Even if you have serious Zelda skills (or Bombchus), a Bomb Bag is required. Bomb the Goron in the tunnel near the sign. #### Boulder Maze without Bombs or Hammer
  • Silver Guantlets are effective at clearing a path to each of the chests in the room. This will take some time, however.

Lost Woods:

Skull Kid won’t buy this sweet Skull Mask

  • Skull Kid won’t buy Skull Mask until you befriend him with Saria’s Song.

Zora’s Domain:

Need Blue Fire to unfreeze King Zora/Zora shop

  • If you have access to Ganon’s Castle, Blue Fire can be found in Water Trial.
  • Blue Fire may be a purchasable item.
  • As usual, Blue Fire can be obtained in Ice Cavern.

Lake Hylia:

Go fishing

  • You must have a sword in order to play the fishing minigame. It’s because you need to threaten him or something.

// FIXME: Is this still true? Do you need Kokiri Sword specifically? #### Get Scarecrow’s Song

  • In order to use the Scarecrow’s Song, you must teach it to Bonooru as a child, and remind him again as an adult.

Temple of Time:

Open Door of Time

  • Playing the Song of Time is the only requirement to opening the Door of Time.

Forest Temple:

Get outside without Song of Time or Bow

  • With Hover Boots you can float to the door connecting the large block-pushing room with the courtyard. #### Can’t push large colored blocks as adult, wtf man??
  • The Goron’s Bracelet is required to push these blocks, even as adult. Link only put on gauntlets to keep his hands from drying out.

Death Mountain Crater:

Reach the bottom area for Bolero of Fire and access to Fire Temple

  • Using only the Hover Boots, you can float down to the shortcut to Goron City, and across the dilapidated bridge.
  • You can also reach this bottom area with Scarecrow’s Song and the Longshot by by jumping onto the platforms below and pulling yourself across the pool of lava.

// FIXME: Do you need Hover Boots to reach the platforms around scarecrow?

Fire Temple:

Reach Volvagia without Hammer

  • With Hover Boots equipped, it’s a simple matter of floating over to the boss door. That said, you’ll need the Hammer to actually do anything in there.

Water Temple:

Boss Key chest without Bombs or Goron’s Bracelet

  • Use the Hover Boots to reach the chest. #### Getting past the gate without Longshot
  • After shooting the eye switch, crossing the gap with Hover Boots will get you past the gate before it closes. #### Center room’s Gold Skulltula without Longshot
  • Cast Farore’s Wind inside the center room. Raise the water to its highest level and return to the warp point. Swim to the surface to reach the Gold Skulltula. #### I can’t raise the water level
  • With the water level lowered, jump down to the second level of the central structure. Use the Hookshot to climb onto the top level. With a well-spaced rolling jump you should be able to reach the ledge where you can raise the water to its highest level.

Shadow Temple:

Spike floor room without Longshot

  • Backflip onto the chest spawned in the middle of the room. From there you can use the Hookshot to reach the upper ledge. #### Reach the boat without Goron’s Bracelet
  • You can bypass pushing the large block by shooting the ladder with a Hookshot. #### Reach Bongo Bongo without the Fairy Bow
  • Play the Scarecrow’s Song to summon Pierre. Shoot his face with the Longshot to get to the other side.

Spirit Temple:

Lower metal bridge on child side without Boomerang

  • You can hit the crystal switch with a well-timed Bombchu placement in the opposite direction. Hopefully you’ll hit it, or you’ll have to go out and buy more Bombchus. #### Map chest without Din’s Fire or Magic
  • Child Link is perfectly capable of lighting the torches using only a Deku Stick. #### Collect all the silver rupees in the boulder room without Hover Boots
  • You can reach the floating rupee by jumping into the boulder with a jump slash.

Silver Guantlets chest from adult side using Longshot

  • With a Longshot, shoot the chest opposite from the Mirror Shield chest to gain access to its contents and the end of child-side.

Gerudo Training Grounds:

Lava room without Longshot

  • You can reach the torch at the end of this room using only the Hookshot. #### Timed boulder room without Longshot
  • The target on the ceiling is just within range of the Hookshot if you stand directly under it.
  • A wallmaster can also lift you up into the rupee if it’s the last one you need to collect.

Ganon’s Castle

Spirit Trial without Din’s Fire

  • A precise shot of an arrow through the torch will burn the web to reveal the sunlight. Or moonlight. Maybe it’s a big lamp, idk.

Knowing the Way with the Spoiler Log

The spoiler log can be very helpful when looking for important items you missed. It takes only a few steps: 1. Open the spoiler log generated alongside your ROM. It should be formatted as OoT_SETTINGSTR_SEED_Spoiler.txt. 2. Scroll down to the section labeled Way of the Hero. 3. Ensure that you have collected all the items listed in the section, as they are essential to beating the game.