Glitched Logic

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Glitched Logic is a different set of logic files to the normal Glitchless Logic files. These take into account a massive amount of tricks, glitches, clips, etc. for placement of items throughout the world. This option is a somewhat middle ground between the Glitchless Logic, which expects only what the player can normally perform with no special knowledge, and No Logic, which randomly places items throughout the world without regard to potential softlocks. This set of logic files was designed around the noIM/WW ruleset.


No Item Manipulation or Wrong warp, commonly abbreviated noIM/WW is a ruleset originating from the speedrun community of Ocarina of Time. It has evolved over the years from its humble beginnings and has changed names many times. The name currently comes from the two major categories of glitches which are banned by the ruleset: Item Manipulation and Wrong Warping.

Item Manipulation

This is an umbrella term for 3 glitches in particular which can be used to effectively hack items into your inventory or HUD. These 3 glitches are Bottle Adventure (BA), Reverse Bottle Adventure (RBA), and Get Item Manipulation (GIM). These glitches can allow you to write medallions straight into your inventory, give yourself a Hammer on B even if you don't have one in the inventory, and even turn a Recovery Heart into Light Arrows, just to name a few examples. The breadth of their power and the fact that they circumvent gameplay is what has led to their being banned.

Wrong Warp

The Wrong Warp is probably the most famous glitch in Ocarina of Time as it is the crux of the any% route, allowing the player to instantly teleport themselves from Gohma's Boss Room straight to the Collapse sequence following the Ganondorf Fight, essentially skipping the entire game. How it works is beyond the scope of this description, however essentially we can influence what entrance the game pulls from an internal table. Blue warps are not the only way to do this as one can also use Trade Item timers and Farore's Wind, amongst other things, to achieve similar effects. As with Item Manipulation this is banned as it circumvents a lot of gameplay.


Because playing Ocarina of Time with gliches, even ones not so powerful as IM and WW, allows the player to do some crazy stuff and skip a lot of things, certain guidelines were put in place when considering how to handle the logic. There were 4 tenets that went into building the logic and they are as follows:

  1. Any trick or glitch must be infinitely repeatable to be considered in logic.
  2. Obscurity of a trick or glitch is not a factor in its includsion
  3. Difficulty of a trick or glitch may be a factor.
    • Any trick which has a reliable setup can be considered regardless of its difficulty or precision
  4. In regards to hovering, only those which are incredibly common, obviously possible, or quite short will be considered.
    • A maximum of 20 bombs or 50 chus, with chus in logic, is the distance/height limit

Allowed but not in logic

As these guidelines are both fairly strict and fairly loose at the same time, a list of tricks/glitches which are possible under the noIM/WW ruleset, but are not logically considered are as follows:

  • Ocarina Items
    • When done improperly you can dupe a bottle over an item which is irretriveable violating tennet #1
  • Equip Swap
    • Allows duping bottles over irretrievable items in much the same way as ocarina items
  • Actor Push Clips
    • These are clips where actors such as bombs or small rocks push Link through seams or other actors. Unless a repeatable setup exists, these are not considered due to their extreme precision.
  • Reaching Zelda as a child without moving sleeping Talon
    • Getting Zelda's Letter prior to the Weird Egg can lead to a situation whereby you are unable to trade masks at all, locking the Skull Mask and Mask of Truth checks forever.
  • Out of Bounds Chu Hovers
    • These crash the game on N64 and emulator, thus are not considered in logic for any reason.
  • Item Duping
    • Duping Skulltula tokens, GTG Keys, Heart Pieces, etc. by any means.
  • Extra Heart Pieces
    • These are not randomized at all, so if you want an extra Heart Piece go grab the 37th.


Because the game is so incredibly open and free under this ruleset there are many situations that you can find yourself in which could potentially softlock your game by not allowing you access to a specific check. These are listed below:

  • Any of the tricks/glitches mentioned above
  • Obtaining the last chest in Ice Cavern as a child will not give you the song check
  • Collection delay such as Hold R or Gold Scale as child
  • The Colossus hands chests (vanilla Mirror Shield and Silver Gauntlets) are considered part of Spirit Temple for hints
  • Child Fire Temple
    • Logically child isn't considered to have any access to Fire Temple.