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== Downloadable Trackers ==
== Downloadable Trackers ==
[https://emotracker.net/ EmoTracker]
[https://emotracker.net/ EmoTracker] (Recommendation: OoT Randomizer Map Tracker by Hamsda)
[https://pastebin.com/vYrNGweu LinSoTracker]
[https://pastebin.com/vYrNGweu LinSoTracker]

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Going through and finishing an OoTR seed can be quite a challenge. There is a long list of settings that can be used to mess with item locations, available places and logic. To keep close tabs on your progress and your remaining options, using a tracker program can be of great use. Feel free to browse through the different solutions provided.

Web Trackers

RanAwaySuccessfully Tracker

2Deep4Real's Tracker (Network support recently added)

ZSR's Networked Tracker (only really used for weekly races etc.)

Downloadable Trackers

EmoTracker (Recommendation: OoT Randomizer Map Tracker by Hamsda)


Balist0n Tracker