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<br />Any new technique or glitch not mentioned will be ALLOWED but subject to a decision by the race mods for legality.
<br />Any new technique or glitch not mentioned will be ALLOWED but subject to a decision by the race mods for legality.
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Here will be listed what is allowed or banned in the Standard racing ruleset, along with examples, an explanation, or a justification where necessary. This ruleset is subject to change based on the community feedback and the wisdom of the Race Mod team. This ruleset is typically raced with glitchless logic. Other rulesets are also available.

  • Please keep in mind that the Universal Rules apply to all OoTR races, including Standard Ruleset races.

Basic Techniques

  • Basic in-game mechanics and movement that are helpful and sometimes expected in default logic depending on settings include:
    • Jumpslashing while mid-air for more distance
    • Jumpslashing against a wall to recoil
    • Save+Quitting, dying, and voiding to reset Link’s position
    • Getting grabbed or thrown by an enemy into a collectible such as a Silver Rupee or a Gold Skulltula Token
    • Power Crouch Stab
    • Recoil Jump (Shielding damage midair to reset Link’s animation)
    • Twisted sidehops and twisted backflips
    • Gainers
      • Using forward momentum movement from hover boots to forward flip over obstacles
      • Also targeting a wall to redirect a sidehop or backflip’s momentum
  • Any accidental glitch which does not grant the player an advantage is okay
    • EG: Accidental ISG if dispelled and not used
  • Any technique that is potentially required by the randomizer settings of your given race is allowed
    • NB: This includes logical tricks

Allowed Glitchless Techniques

  • Momentary Antigravity (1 frame)
  • Schrodinger’s Chain, a.k.a Castle before Night or Cat Chain
  • Hookshot and Bow Extension
  • Obtaining and using a broken Deku Stick
  • Taking damage to abuse invincibility frames is allowed. This includes
    • Damage buffering
    • Opening flaming chests
    • Passing through flame walls
  • Solving puzzles in unintended ways, including skipping item requirements is allowed unless explicitly banned. Allowed techniques include
    • Crossing the Haunted Wasteland without Longshot, Hover Boots, Magic or Lens
    • Rolling from blue switches to quickly open doors
    • Using a cucco (child) or Hover Boots to get behind the water in Zora’s River
    • Backflipping over Mido in the Lost Woods as adult
    • Hookshotless Gerudo Training Ground
    • Entering Water Temple with the Gold Scale and no Iron Boots
    • Jumping over the gate next to King Zora to access adult Zora’s Fountain
    • Completing Diving in the Lab with Iron Boots and Hookshot
  • Using cutscene items whilst falling through air such as Farore’s Wind in Fire or Din’s Fire in Deku Tree

Allowed Glitch Techniques

  • Swimming with Iron Boots
  • Opening underwater chests with Iron Boots
  • Interacting with actors on the other side of collision as long as Link’s actor does not pass through them is allowed. This includes
    • Attacking to collect an object or hit a switch on the other side of collision
    • Damaging Volvagia’s second hitbox
    • Killing and collecting Gold Skulltulas inside red boulders
  • Passing through the backside of one-sided collisions is allowed. Some examples of this include
    • The bottom of the Kokiri Forest Bridge
    • The door to Darunia’s room in Goron City
    • The Song of Time block in the lobby of Forest Temple
    • The gate towards Death Mountain Trail in Kakariko Village
  • A small, curated list of glitches that make the format more accessible and increase routing options are allowed. This list is
    • Storing a Ground Jump via Grab A
    • Using a stored Ground Jump to cancel a backflip or sidehop off solid ground
    • Flame Storage
    • Using a backflip to clip through the spike crushers in the spike crusher room of Shadow Temple

Banned Routing Sequence Breaks

  • There are some techniques that can skip item requirements from default logic that are banned. This list is
    • Entering Shadow Temple without Din’s Fire (unless randomizer settings of your race require it)
    • Crossing over the broken Gerudo Valley Bridge using any method other than the Longshot or Epona
    • Accessing the Spirit Temple boss door without a Hookshot or Longshot
    • Accessing the wind tunnel room of Shadow Temple without a Hookshot or Longshot
    • Performing the Cucco Jump to cross the Gerudo Valley bridge as child
    • “Crazy Dance” or other variants to access the adult side of Spirit Temple as child
    • Wallwalking (previously known as seam walks)

Banned Glitches/Techniques

  • Any platform exclusive tricks are banned
  • Infinite Sword Glitch (ISG)
  • Explosion/Damage based glitches/techniques such as:
    • Megaflipping
    • Megasidehopping
    • Weirdshotting
    • All forms of Superslide (SS, ESS, HESS, etc)
    • Ground Jumping while mid-air (such as while floating with the Hover Boots)
    • Recoil Jumping while mid-air (such as while floating with the Hover Boots)
    • Using any form of damage or recoil to conserve speed or cross an otherwise uncrossable gap is banned. This includes
      • Damage boosting
      • Hoverboosting (equipping Hover Boots on a specific frame after taking damage)
      • Megajumping (equipping Hover Boots on a specific frame of a jump)
      • Recoil boosting (equipping Hover Boots on a specific frame after recoiling)
  • Anything except Sword on B (excluding normal circumstances like riding Epona or playing minigames)
  • Equip Swap
  • Action Swap
    • NB: Including using the explosion limit to Ground Jump
  • Ocarina Items
  • Duplicating any item checks or items in the inventory (such as Bottles and heart pieces)
  • Retaining the Master Sword in Phase 1 of the Ganon fight by any means
  • Using Temp B to alter the B button to an unnatural state
    • NB: This can happen by accident and can be fixed by equipping a sword. If you are a child and do not have a sword, you cannot use the item on B.
  • Using restricted items such as Farore’s Wind in the overworld or Ocarina in a boss room
  • All forms of clipping are banned unless explicitly allowed in the previous section. For definitions of clipping for both polygonal and non-polygonal collision, please click the relevant links. Things that fall into the category of banned clipping are
    • Passing through collision from the front
    • Squeezing past boulders
    • Hookshotting/Longshotting through boulders
  • Touching misplaced or accidentally exposed loading zones is banned. This includes
    • Entering Jabu Jabu without a bottled fish
    • Trials skip
    • Entering the Market or Kakariko shops that are normally closed at night
  • Unloading or passing through actors which should be loaded is banned. This includes
    • King Zora’s red ice (even as it melts)
    • Graveyard graves
    • Gold Gauntlet monoliths
  • Abusing actors which have not updated, i.e.
    • Deku Tree basement web
    • Bombing (0, 0, 0) to kill unloaded actors
    • Bongo Bongo quick kill
  • Abusing boulders’ distance-based collision to shoot projectiles through
  • Hookshot Jump/Doom Jump
  • Down A, Return A, Blank A
  • Wrong Warp
  • Void Warp
  • Entrance Point Glitch
  • Actor Glitch
  • Z-Slide and A-Slide
    • This includes super swimming
  • Extended Antigravity
  • Low Gravity Glitch
  • Quick Put Away (QPA)
  • Using the Glitch Damage Value for Power Crouch Stab
  • Walking while talking
  • Dying to achieve anything other than a deathwarp or a health refill such as the Jabu Parasitic Tentacles skip (“slimy thing”)
  • Causing a switch to remain pressed longer than it should
  • Cutscene diving to sink into water is banned. This includes Navi, cuccos, and items.
  • Being out of bounds or an unloaded area. This is defined to be any area which is beyond the boundary walls of the map or any area which is exposed to the lowest void plane on the map
  • Collection Delay
  • Stale Reference Manipulation (SRM)
  • Arbitrary Code Execution (ACE)
  • Item Manipulation
    • Bottle Adventure (BA)
    • Reverse Bottle Adventure (RBA)
    • Get Item Manipulation (GIM)

Any new technique or glitch not mentioned will be ALLOWED but subject to a decision by the race mods for legality.