Silver Rupees

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Note that Silver Rupee Shuffle currently only exists on RealRob's and Fenhl's forks.

The amount of silver rupees already collected can be viewed by holding right on the D-pad while on the inventory subscreen of the pause menu. The order and color-coding of the silver rupee puzzles is listed below. To help remember which is which, here are the rules based on which they're ordered:

  • In most dungeons, the order is based on the order in which you normally encounter the puzzles.
  • In the Spirit Temple, child side is listed first, and then adult side.
  • In the Gerudo Training Ground, the puzzles are listed from left to right relative to the dungeon entrance.
  • In Ganon's Castle, the puzzles are listed in clockwise order, starting from the dungeon entrance.


  • Shadow: Scythe Shortcut (green), Huge Pit (yellow), Invisible Spikes (pink)
  • Spirit: Child Early Torches (red), Sun Block (yellow), Adult Boulders (green)
  • BotW: Basement (white)
  • Ice: Spining Scythe (cyan), Push Block (blue)
  • GTG: Slopes (yellow), Lava (red), Water (blue)
  • Ganon: Spirit (yellow), Light (cyan), Fire (red), Forest (green)


Master Quest

  • DC: Staircase (white)
  • Shadow: Scythe Shortcut (green), Invisible Blades (cyan), Huge Pit (yellow), Invisible Spikes (pink)
  • Spirit: Lobby and Lower Adult (cyan), Adult Climb (blue)
  • GTG: Slopes (yellow), Lava (red), Water (blue)
  • Ganon: Fire (red), Shadow (pink), Water (blue)