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It is now possible to play Ocarina of Time Randomizer on many different devices and programs.

Besides the Web Generator, the randomizer can still be downloaded and executed on your local machine like an ordinary application. You can download a local executable of the randomizer from the Downloads Page. You can also download the in-development or release source code version; however, you will need to use Python 3.6+ and node.js together with the source code from the Official Github.

OoTR is compatible with N64 hardware via the Everdrive 64 device and other N64 flashcart devices. It is also compatible with the Wii Virtual Console via the use of Homebrew and WAD injection. The Wii U vWii is also an option.

Some of the base files (ROMs, Wii common key, etc.) that are needed to play Ocarina of Time Randomizer are copyrighted and will not be provided by the community nor staff.

Get Ready to play

Video Tutorial

TreZc0_ recorded a setup video that will cover most questions:

Patch Files

If someone shares a ZPF or ZPFZ file with you, these are Patch Files. They are a copyright-free method to share randomizer seeds with people. The patch files page will explain what to do with them.


The Ocarina of Time Randomizer can be played on PC via an emulator. Given the emulation quality difference between emulators, not every emulator can be recommended.

Recommended emulators are as follows:

Windows, Linux, macOS, and many others - Retroarch - Setup Guide

Windows - Bizhawk - Setup Guide

If you use Windows and your computer is not powerful enough to run either of the above to an acceptable level, then you may try Project64 - Setup Guide (v2.x)

Keep in mind that Project64 is not recommended as it is very inaccurate in its emulation, and has known compatibility issues with Ocarina of Time Randomizer. Project64 2+ is also banned for races and you will be disqualified if you race using it.