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Click the + next to "config: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA"
Click the + next to "config: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA"
[[File:PJ64 Setup Step 3.png|frameless|none]]
[[File:PJ64 Setup Step 3.png|RTENOTITLE]]
Deselect 'Cache', 'PI DMA', 'Start changed' and 'TLB unmapping'. Select 'Protect memory' and then click ‘apply’ and ‘OK’.
Deselect 'Cache', 'PI DMA', 'Start changed' and 'TLB unmapping'. Select 'Protect memory' and then click ‘apply’ and ‘OK’.

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Project64 Setup for OoT Randomizer

by Tyrus


Download: https://www.pj64-emu.com/

To get rid of the donate box that you have to wait 30 seconds for, click ‘Enter notification code’ and type “thank you from project64”.

You will have to follow these steps for every new ROM you use!

Step 1:

Open the ROM. You will get this error message:
Click ‘Ok’ and *another* error message will pop up:
Click ‘Ok’ once more, and then press ctrl + t
This menu will pop up:
PJ64 3.png

Untick ‘Hide advanced settings’
Then click on the ‘Advanced’ menu that just showed up.
PJ64 4.png

Tick ‘Remember selected cheats’ because PJ64 needs gameshark cheat codes to run properly.

Step 2:

If it’s not there, load up the ROM and look again.

Where it says ‘Memory size’ go ahead and change that to 8 MB, deselect '32bit Engine' and then click ‘apply’ and ‘OK’.

Step 3:

Click the + next to "config: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA"


Deselect 'Cache', 'PI DMA', 'Start changed' and 'TLB unmapping'. Select 'Protect memory' and then click ‘apply’ and ‘OK’.

Step 4:

PJ64 6.pngPress ctrl + c and then click on the bar on the right of this window
In the box below ‘Code: <address>’ paste : 801DA5CB 0002
And name it something like ‘subscreen delay fix’ (The name doesn’t matter)
PJ64 7.png

Then click ‘Add cheat’ and it should appear on the left.
Tick the cheat, then close out of that menu.

PJ64 8.png

Step 5 (Optional but recommended):

Press ctrl + t and click ‘Plugins’ and change the Video (graphics) plugin to ‘Glide64 for PJ64’
Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’.


Step 6:

Once you have completed these steps, restart Project64 and open up your ROM.

Step 7:

Click ‘Options’ and ‘Configure controller plugin’

Here is where you setup your controller binds.

For xbox controller users:
* In ‘Controller Pak’, untick ‘RawData’, and in the drop down menu, select ‘MemPak’.
* Tick ‘XInput’, and your binds menu will look like this:
The ‘XControls’ correspond to the buttons on your controller, and ‘N64’ is what they will be bound to in-game.

For keyboard users-
* I recommend setting Analogue stick range to 100%, and in ‘Devices’, set ‘Gamepad Deadzone’ to 5%.
* These settings will make it easier to aim.

For users of any other controller-
* My only recommendation is to check out the multitude of other guides on the Internet.

If you want to use a mouse, for some reason, tick ‘N64 Mouse’.

Toggle limit fps (fast forward): f4
Toggle pause: f2
Save State: f5
Load State: f7


Important: Delete Your PJ64 Saves

PJ64 uses the same `.sra` file for all OoT ROMS, regardless of if they're randomised or not. If you loaded a vanilla ROM before rando, you must delete `THE LEGEND OF ZELDA.sra` in `Program FIles/Project64/Save`. This is because some of the flags that rando changes are set in the SRAM, meaning that if you load a rando ROM from a vanilla flagged .sra, then some flags will break (leading to bugs such as infinite Shiek cutscene).

If you do not load a vanilla ROM before rando, you can just delete the save files in-game.