Major Items

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Slingshots Bomb Bags Bows
Boomerang Hookshots Megaton Hammer
Fire Arrows Ice Arrows Light Arrows
Din's Fire Farore's Wind Nayru's Love
Ocarinas Progressive Strength Upgrades Magic Meters
Kokiri Sword Biggoron Sword Mirror Shield
Goron Tunic Zora Tunic Stone of Agony
Iron Boots Hover Boots Gerudo Membership Card
Lens of Truth Child Trade Items Adult Trade Items
Wallets Scales Double Defense
Bottles (any contents} Ruto's Letter All Songs
Magic Beans Triforce Pieces

Conditional Major Items

Bombchus - Only when "Bombchus Are Considered in Logic" is enabled.

Small Keys and Boss Keys - Only when the appropriate "keysanity" option is enabled.

Gold Skulltula Tokens - Only when the bridge requirement is set to Gold Skulltula Tokesn.