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*Culling actors  
*Culling actors  
**EG: keeping enemies off screen to stop them from moving
**EG: keeping enemies off screen to stop them from moving
*Swimming laterally while wearing Iron Boots
*Climbing ladders or vines during cutscenes
*Cutscene skips which use only movement from inputs completed before the cutscene begins
**EG: voiding, entering a loading zone
=== Banned ===
=== Banned ===

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Below is the list of allowed and banned techniques for the Glitchless + Ground Jumps (GGJ) ruleset. Because this was based on a ruleset from the vanilla game, you may notice significant differences in the level of detail in describing what is allowed or banned when comparing to the Standard ruleset. Please feel free to assume that if it is not listed, and doesn't otherwise violate one of the explicitly banned conditions, that it is allowed.

This ruleset will update over time to include new discoveries as they are made, however the goal of banning only by technique - regardless of the consequences - will remain in effect.

This ruleset is typically raced with glitchless logic. Other rulesets are also available.

  • Please keep in mind that the Universal Rules apply to all OoTR races, including GGJ Ruleset races.


  • Power Crouch Stabbing
  • Roll invincibility
  • Post-damage invincibility
  • Jumpslashing in mid-air for more distance
  • Shield dropping
  • Using broken deku stick
  • Hookshot Extension
  • Rolling from the blue switch in Jabu Jabu's Belly
  • Damage Boosting
  • Damage Buffering
  • Placing bombs on lava pits to damage Volvagia
  • Skipping text triggers via weapon swapping
  • Opening underwater chests while wearing the Iron Boots
  • Passing through the back side of a one-sided collision
    • EG: bridge clip, darunia's door, forest's falling ceiling
  • Attacking to collect or hit an object on the other side of a collision
  • Momentary Antigravity
    • EG: b1 skip
  • Recoil Jump
    • Shielding damage midair to take Link out of a backflip or sidehop and into a normal airborne state
  • Ground Jumps
  • NB: This is included despite being a glitch as it is functionally similar to a Recoil Jump as well as much easier
  • Twisted sidehops or backflips out of siderolls or standing ESS shuffles
  • Touching misplaced or accidentally-exposed loading zones
    • EG: Early Jabu, Trials skip, Market shops at night
  • Delaying a timer by pressing cutscene items midair
  • Going out of bounds
    • NB: The method of reaching OoB must not violate any other rules
  • Being in an unloaded area
  • Hoverboosting
    • IE: Using hoverboots to conserve momentum from recoil via hammer or damage
  • Megajumps
    • IE: Using hoverboots to concerve momentum from damage during a jump
  • Remote wall interactions
  • Walking on walls
  • Culling actors
    • EG: keeping enemies off screen to stop them from moving
  • Swimming laterally while wearing Iron Boots
  • Climbing ladders or vines during cutscenes
  • Cutscene skips which use only movement from inputs completed before the cutscene begins
    • EG: voiding, entering a loading zone


  • Infinite Sword Glitch
  • Megaflip and megasidehop
  • Extended Antigravity
    • EG: unloading lower gerudo fortress
  • All forms of superslide
  • Hovering
  • Entrance point glitch or other respawn point manipulation
  • Clipping
    • NB: This is well defined for both solid collision and soft/actor collision, contact a moderator if you aren't sure if something is a clip
  • Cutscene diving to sink into water
  • Flame storage
  • Item Manipulation
    • This is an umbrella term covering the glitches Bottle Adventure (BA), Reverse Bottle Adventure (RBA), and Get Item Manipulation (GIM)
  • Using collection delay to your advantage
    • EG: early eyeball frog or gold scale
    • NB: Delay happens naturally in many shops if you buy quickly, this is ok
  • Something except for a sword on B
    • NB: This does not include normal circumstances like riding Epona
  • Bottle Duplication
  • Wrong warp
  • Void warp
  • Walking While Talking
  • Causing a switch to remain pressed longer than it should
  • Ocarina Items
  • Z-slide
  • A-slide
  • Using restricted items
    • IE: Farore's Wind in the Overworld or Ocarina in boss rooms
  • Being in an unloaded area
  • Unloading an actor which clearly should be loaded
    • EG: Actor Glitch, unloading KZ's ice, overloading the graveyard or trials to remove graves or Gold Gauntlet monoliths, pause buffering the timer expiration during the diving minigame
  • SRM (Stale Reference Manipulation)
  • Abusing actors which have not had a chance to update after loading
    • IE: 0,0,0 glitch and the deku b2 web
  • Opening underwater chests while wearing the Iron Boots
  • Action Swap
    • NB: This includes using the explosion limit to Ground Jump
  • Using the effects of Quick Putaway
    • EG: Lighting a torch with a Deku Stick with no present fire source.
  • Equip Swap
  • Ledge Cancel
  • Retaining the Master Sword in Phase 1 of the Ganon Fight
  • Dying to achieve anything other than a deathwarp