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Here are some common questions asked that don't belong to any particular guide, and their answers.

I Cannot Get All Of The Stones To Open The Door Of Time, What Do I Do?

The Door of Time doesn't work like the game made you think it does, the original Ocarina of Time programmers took shortcuts to reduce the amount of code they needed to write to check that you can open the door and you only need an ocarina and the Song of Time to open the door. See the Misunderstood Vanilla Mechanics section of the Logic page for more information and other such programmer shortcuts you might run into.

I'm Missing A Key In Fire Temple, Where Is It?

Due to the way the Fire Temple and Water Temple are set up with no Small Keys required to access the bosses, Volvagia and Morpha are able to hold a Small Key you may need to progress. See the Fire Temple section of the Logic page for more information.

I Cannot Leave A Room, What Do I Do?

If you break the platform in the Slingshot room without having the Slingshot, or finish the race with Dampe without the Song of Time, and several other situations you may find yourself stuck in a room. The Save and Quit functionality of Ocarina of Time is a feature the randomizer expects you to utilize. See the Vanilla Help section of the Logic page for more information.

Why Are My Cosmetics Different Than What I Set?

Cosmetics can be set in two places. When you are generating a seed you can set them as the default cosmetics for the patch file you are creating. The seed generation page is the one where you select your gameplay options before pressing Generate Seed!

Once you are on the patching screen, you can override those settings by turning on Override Original Cosmetics above the Patch Rom! button. Then you can set cosmetics on this page to override the ones set in the patch file.

If you want to use the settings in the patch file instead, turn off Override Original Cosmetics

Override Original Cosmetics

How Do I Find My Spoiler Log Again?

If you generated on the website and forgot to download the spoiler log before closing the tab, there are several methods to return to your seed's page where you can find the spoiler log again.

If this seed was the most recent one you generated, open the generator home page. At the top of the screen you can find a Recent Seed link in the navigation bar. Clicking this will take you to the last seed you generated. Keep in mind this is based on which browser you are using, so make sure you use the same browser as you did when you generated the seed that you want the spoiler log of.

A newer feature on the website on larger screens is a sidebar on the randomizer home page. It has a heading of Your most recent seed:. Click the ID number; which links to the most recent seed you generated with that browser.

If you have generated another seed since then, the file name of the ROM you generated is your next possibility. ROMs generated on the website are of the format OoTR_<id>_<seed>.z64.

Using the following URL:

Insert the ID value after the equals sign. This should take you to the proper seed patch page.

If you renamed your file, your absolute last chance to find your seed page is by using your browser history. You'll have to search through all the OoTR website entries until you find the right one. To avoid this issue, never rename your ROM files.

What Do I Do If My Seed Page Says It Is Expired?

If your seed page is expired and you did not download the spoiler log beforehand, you'll have to join the Ocarina of Time Randomizer Discord. Go to #gameplay-and-tricks and mention your seed ID and the fact that it is expired. Once someone on the Support staff sees your message they can retrieve your spoiler log. Please do not ping the support role, someone will likely see your message soon after you post it and be able to help you.

This is not a feature to be relied upon though. You should download your spoiler log when you generate your seed.

Why Does My Seed Page Not Have A Spoiler Log Even Though I Generated With One?

There are two kinds of seeds that can be generated on the website. Normal seeds, and Race seeds. If you press the blue button on the generator labeled Generate Race Seed then you will generate a seed with a locked spoiler log. These are not intended to be used unless you are actually generating a race, and even then other methods such as distributing Patch Files directly would be a better idea since the spoiler log will still be available to the race organizer if needed.

Always choose Generate Seed! to ensure that you have access to your spoiler log.

I Saw Someone Streaming Feature {x}. Why Isn't Feature {x} Available On The Website?

It might be available on the Dev version available on the website or Roman's version available on the website.

If it is not, then the feature you are looking for might be a feature that is pending approval and is being playtested by the streamer, or it might be a feature from their own branch that they are playtesting. Either way, it is advised to ask the streamer where you might find that branch. If you cannot reach them, then folks in the Ocarina of Time Randomizer Discord will probably know where to find these branches.

To run these branches of the randomizers, download the source code and open with Python v3 (also requires Node.js v14.x or lower). For detailed instructions on how to do this refer to the Setup page.

Why Do Songs Not Work After Learning Them?

The game Zelda: Ocarina of Time has a few little known features when playing an ocarina song. First, holding the L button will ensure songs do not "complete" so that you can compose longer custom songs if they may use note patterns already known to the game as in-game songs. In the same vein, holding R, Z, or the control stick will change the sounds the ocarina produces. These will also cause in-game songs to fail to complete if used.

The easiest way to know if this is affecting you is by going somewhere where a staff appears for you to play a song. When a staff is displayed, a song will always complete. Skull Kid is probably the easiest accessible location to test this. If the song works here, you are somehow altering the output of the ocarina with one of the above features.

One of the most common issues is having L double bound. Make sure L is only bound to one button, and that you are not holding it while playing the song.

How Can I Bring Up The Menu Where I See Dungeon Rewards, Key Counts, Etcetera?

Hold A

Go to your Select Item menu and hold A. Typically you need to interact with the pedestal in the Temple of Time to see which dungeon awards which stone or medallion, though this is also settings-dependent.

What Items Do I Need To Beat Dungeon X?

Please see this page for Dungeon Requirements, including Ganon's Castle.

What Bugs & Errors Exist In The Game That I Should Be Aware Of?

Common Softlocks And Crashes