Common Softlocks And Crashes

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Here are common softlocks and crashes that you could encounter whilst playing OoTR.

Permanently Losing Access to a Check's Item / Not Properly Receiving a Check's Item

  • With Free Zelda turned on the item on Song from Impa will remain within the player's own world in a Multiworld, possibly leading to unbeatable seeds.
  • Saving and resetting after entering the Temple of Time as adult, but before obtaining the item from ToT Light Arrows Cutscene will stop giving the item on that check, possibly leading to unbeatable seeds.
  • Getting crushed (i.e. voiding out) by the Gerudo Training Grounds Stalfos Chest whilst opening it on the same frame will not give the item from that chest whilst setting the flag for having opened the chest, possibly leading to unbeatable seeds.

Softlocks and Crashes

  • In Entrance Randomizer certain transitions are known to cause crashes on Everdrive. Specifically it seems to be transitions from certain areas (e.g. adult Market or Windmill) to a desert entrance that has the "sandstorm" effect. It is recommended to not play Overworld Entrance Randomizer on an Everdrive.
  • Using Din's Fire in the topmost room of Spirit Temple (i.e. the one with the floating skulls) will crash the game.
  • Starting a cutscene whilst the cutscene of lighting a sun is playing can result in a softlock.
  • Starting a cutscene whilst climbing a ladder can result in a softlock. Examples include lighting the eyes in DC or failing the diving minigame in Zora's Domain.
  • Collecting a gold skulltula token whilst the skulltula is unloaded can result in a softlock.
  • Loading too many actors in Hyrule Field can lead to a softlock if you pull out the Hookshot. You'll know this glitch is occuring if you can't shoot arrows. It typically occurs around the grotto in the southeast corner of Hyrule Field.
  • Executing the "Collection Delay Glitch" can softlock the game. This is typically done accidentally by giving an item (e.g. Claim Check) to an NPC in return for a different item whilst mashing through the text boxes. Make sure Link is not holding something in his hand before showing the item, or save beforehand.
  • Diving and resurfacing in very shallow water (e.g. Kokiri Forest or Zora's River) can crash the game.
  • Learning songs whilst Nayru's Love is active can crash the game.
  • Performing the glitch known as "Weirdshotting" can crash on Glitchless Logic only depending on the color of your Kokiri Tunic. On Glitch Logic and No Logic these colors are excluded from the pool of random colors. This is not a glitch you can do accidentally, so if you don't know what weirdshotting is then you have nothing to worry about.
  • By repeatedly walking in and out of Spirit Trial the obelisk blocking Light trial can be unloaded. However, the chests inside Light Trial could also unload. When this happens, pulling out the Hookshot can softlock the game.

Minor Inconveniences

  • Leaving the room in Jabu where the Map Chest spawns after defeating the tentacle but before the chest spawns will require you to re-enter the room twice in order to properly spawn the chest.
  • Attempting to talk to Link the Goron on the first possible frame will prevent you from getting his item until you reload Goron City.
  • Showing Ruto's Letter to King Zora can result in him not accepting the letter until you reload Zora's Domain. We are unsure about the cause, but we suspect it may have to do with backwalking onto the platform and showing the letter too quickly after King Zora is loaded onto the screen.
  • When fanfares are shuffled it is possible that the background music in certain areas doesn't play properly. It is believed that repeatedly playing a shuffled fanfare can interrupt the background music, which would explain why this occurs more frequently in areas with a high density of checks.
  • When fanfares are shuffled it can take longer than usual for the Gerudo Horseback Archery minigame to finish if the shuffled fanfare is longer than the original one.