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==== <u>[https://wiki.ootrandomizer.com/index.php?title=Readme&oldid=184 v3.0 documentation.]</u> ====
==== <u>[https://wiki.ootrandomizer.com/index.php?title=Readme&oldid=184 v3.0 documentation.]</u> ====
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New Features

  • Skip first Dampé Race
    • Allows getting both reward in one race if the 60 second target is cleared
  • Rupee Icon Color changes based on your current wallet upgrade

Updated Settings

  • Improved Ear Safe to be less painful
  • Tokensanity: Overworld Only
    • Shuffles Gold Skultulla Tokens in the overworld to complement Dungeons Only
  • Configurable Skulltula target for the Bridge Requirement
    • Randomize Main Rule Settings still allows setting the MQ Dungeon Count
    • Always Guaranteed Hints are now determined conditionally based on settings
  • Default Presets are updated to better reflect first time beginner settings
    • The previous Beginner Preset is renamed to Easy Preset

Bug Fixes

  • Improve stability of music related features (Fanfare shuffle is back!)
  • Fix "...???" textboxes at the entrance of Great Fairies
  • In the unlikely event Tournament Hints runs out of hints, the remaining hints are filled with more "Sometimes Good" hints. If those *run out as well then it will fill with "Random Locations" hints.
  • The Gerudo Valley Crate PoH as Adult with Hover Boots trick now properly takes OHKO into account.
  • Minor GUI tweaks
  • Improve error feedback in GUI and Rules JSON



New Features

  • New Electron GUI
    • New GUI now utilizes both Python and Node to bring you an even better interface
    • Now requires Node (with NPM), in addition to the Python requirement
  • Glitched Logic
    • New Logic Rules option that takes movement glitches into consideration
  • Entrance Randomizer
    • Randomize entrances/loading zones
    • Entrances are connected bidirectionally, and only shuffled with other entrances of the same pool
    • Ability to randomize entrances (loading zones) among multiple pools:
      • `Dungeons Only`: All Dungeons except Ganon's Castle
      • `Simple Indoors`: Dungeons; as well as Houses, Great Fairies, all Open and Hidden Grottos (including small Fairy Fountains and the Lost Woods Stage), and Graves.
      • `All Indoors`: Dungeons and Simple Indoors, as well as Link’s House, the Temple of Time, the Windmill, and Dampe’s Grave.
      • `All Indoors & Overworld Entrances`: Almost all loading zones connecting overworld areas, including Owls
    • Deku Tree, Fire Temple, and Bottom of the Well dungeon entrances are accessible as both ages
  • Starting Age Option
    • Can now start as child, adult, or random
  • Plan-domizer
    • Create a custom seed by placing items, hints and/or entrances where you want them
    • Customize starting items, item pools, active trials and Master Quest dungeons
    • Plandomizer files match the spoiler log JSON format
  • Additional Customization
    • Additional Background Music Sequences can now be provided to be shuffled in
    • Fanfares randomization
    • Customizable Heart, Magic Meter, and Gauntlet colors
    • Separate inner and outer Navi colors
  • Added `Randomize Main Rules` option
  • Cow Sanity
    • Playing Epona's Song for a cow for the first time gives a randomized item.
  • Shuffle Magic Beans
    • A pack of 10 beans is shuffled into the pool and the Bean Salesman sells a random item once for 60 rupees.
  • Cucco Count
    • The number of cuccos to be gathered for Anju can be reduced or randomized, and Anju will tell you in-game the target number to catch (similar to 10 Big Poes).
  • Enable Useful Cutscenes prevents some useful cutscenes from being skipped
    • Re-enables Poes at Forest Temple, Darunia at Fire Temple, and Twinrova at Spirit Temple

Major Changes

  • Seeds generation is significantly faster
  • Major refactor of logic for performance and ER
  • Spoiler log is now in JSON format
  • Log files are produced in `Logs` during generation to record any errors.
  • Major Logic Changes
    • Desert Colossus Hands are now logically part of Spirit Temple
    • Added the ability to enter drain the Lake Hylia water as Adult after beating Morpha using a new Gossip Stone near the Serenade Warp Pad. Entering Water Temple with Gold Scale and Longshot is now always in logic, however no locations are accessible without additional tricks, Keysanity/Keysy, or Iron Boots.
    • Disabled Locations will always hold Junk items (except song locations if songs are not shuffled with items)
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Mechanically, Hot Rodder Goron no longer checks for Bomb Bag
    • Wearing Bunny Hood increases running speed to match backwalking speed
    • All Gerudo now check for Gerudo Membership Card instead of Carpenters being freed
      • This only affects when `Shuffle Gerudo Card` is enabled or in Entrance Randomizer
      • In the affected modes, a Gerudo is added behind the Wasteland gate who can open the gate
    • Removed RNG from Fishing Minigame
      • Note: The optimal strategy is to have the line stationary for the fish to bite
    • Can now cast Farore's Wind and play Warp Songs from within Gerudo Training Grounds and all of Ganon's Castle
  • Hint Changes
    • Every generic grotto gossip stone has their own hint.
    • The "Very Strong" hint setting can now give multiple Foolish dungeon hints.
    • The “Tournament” hint setting was revised to utilize all 40 hint stones.
      • Increased to 5 WOTH hints (with a new maximum of 2 Dungeon regions hinted); increased to 3 Foolish hints; Skull Mask added to Tournament hints’ Always hints; 5 Sometimes hints; all hints in this distribution are duplicated onto two Gossip Stones.
  • Cutscene Changes
    • Burning Kakariko Cutscene can be triggered when entering Kakariko Village from any entrance.
    • Speedup Owl Flying cutscenes to be almost instant.
    • Enable Useful Cutscenes setting added (see above in New Features)

Updated Settings

  • Filter added to `Location Exclusion` dropdown
  • More tricks added to the `Enable Tricks` dropdown
  • Shuffle Gerudo Card can now be enabled alongside Open Gerudo Fortress.
  • Forest Options
    • `Closed Deku`: Open Forest except Mido still blocks the Deku Tree
  • Dungeon Item Options
    • Added `Vanilla` placement option for small keys, boss keys and maps/compasses
  • Ganon's Boss Key
    • Split Ganon’s Boss Key settings from the rest of the Boss Keys setting
    • Added LACS options that place the key there.
      • This allows playing with open bridge while still requiring dungeon completion
    • This replaces the Remove Ganon’s Boss Door Lock option
  • Plentiful Item Pool
    • Duplicate Letter in a Bottle added to plentiful item pool
  • With `Start With Max Rupees` option enabled, wallet upgrades items now fill to max rupees

Bug Fixes

  • No longer able to buy Bombchus with only bomb bag when Bombchus in logic
  • Dampé freestanding Piece of Heart no longer requires opening the chest
  • Buying Piece of Heart/Heart Container fully heals Link
  • Learning Sun's Song from Malon no longer causes a softlock
  • Castle and Gerudo guards can no longer cause softlock when catching you
  • Vanilla shop items have correct price in spoiler log with shopsanity enabled
  • Fixed Song of Storms not being usable in Sacred Forest Meadow immediately after learning it
  • Improved Bottled Fairy logic rules for OHKO in ER
  • Fixed `Starting Time of Day` times to better reflect their descriptions with the in-game state
    • `Night` options will spawn Skulltulas
  • Add compatibility support for Python 3.8
  • Improved Spoiler Logs for Multiworlds with differing Random settings between worlds
  • Lab Dive now completable even with Eyedrops in your possession
  • Great Fairy cutscene no longer plays on additional visits for health and magic refills.
  • Running Man can now fill a Tycoon’s wallet when buying the Bunny Hood from the player



New Features

  • Quick boot equips
    • Use D-pad left to equip Iron Boots if they’re in the inventory, or D-pad right to equip Hover Boots if they’re in the inventory.
    • Press the button again to equip Kokiri Boots.
  • Quck Ocarina
    • Use D-pad down to pull out the Ocarina
  • Freestanding models
    • All freestanding item locations now display the model of the item you will receive.
  • Ice traps now work from any location
    • In freestanding locations, appears as a random major item
    • In shops, appears as a random major item with a misspelling.
  • Various speedups
    • No Talon cutscene when he runs away.
    • Skip “Caught By Gerudo” cutscene.
    • Shorten cutscene when getting Bullet Bag from the Deku Scrub in Lost Woods.
    • Fast pushing and pulling.
      • All types of blocks.
      • Spinnable mirrors in Spirit Temple.
      • Truth spinner in Shadow Temple.
      • Puzzle in basement of Forest Temple.
    • Ocarina minigame shortened to the first round.
      • 5 notes instead of 8.
    • Jabu-Jabu’s Belly elevator spawns in a more convenient position
    • Kakariko carpenter position is offset so he is no longer in your way during the cucco route.
    • Warp songs now have a normal transition with no cutscene.
  • Farore's Wind no longer dispels when transitioning through time.
    • Farore's Wind can now set two Warp Points which are age-exclusive.
  • Gold Skulltula textbox displays current number obtained
  • Poe salesman tells point limit without needing to sell
  • Patch files added so that generated seeds can be distributed legally

New Options

  • Master Quest dungeon slider
    • Selects a number of Master Quest dungeons to appear in the game.
      • Ex: 0 - All dungeons will have their default designs.
      • Ex: 6 - Half of all dungeons will have Master Quest redesigns.
      • Ex: 12 - All dungeons will have Master Quest redesigns.
  • Damage multiplier
    • Changes the amount of damage taken.
    • OHKO: Link dies in one hit.
  • Item pool
    • Replaces difficulty.
    • Changes the number of bonus items that are available in the game.
      • Plentiful: Extra major items are added.
      • Balanced: The original item pool.
      • Scarce: Some excess items are removed, including health upgrades.
      • Minimal: Most excess items are removed.
  • Start with max rupees
    • The player begins the game with 99 rupees.
  • Start with Deku equipment
    • The player begins the game with 10 Deku sticks and 20 Deku nuts.
    • If playing without shopsanity, the player begins with a Deku shield equipped.
  • Start with fast travel
    • The player begins the game with the Prelude of Light and Serenade of Water songs learned and the Farore’s Wind spell in the inventory
    • These three items increase Link’s mobility around the map, but don’t actually unlock any new items or areas.
  • Start with Tycoon wallet
  • Open Zora’s Fountain
    • King Zora is moved to the side from the start of the game.
    • Ruto’s Letter is removed from the item pool and replaced with an Empty Bottle.
  • Randomize starting time of day
  • Ice traps setting
    • Off: All ice traps are removed.
    • Normal: Only ice traps from base pool are placed.
    • Extra ice traps: Chance to add extra ice traps when junk items are added to the item pool
    • Ice trap mayhem: All junk items added will be ice traps.
    • Ice trap onslaught: All junk items will be ice traps, including ones in the base pool.
  • New Cosmetics
    • Added options for Sword Trail colors
      • Can set the length of the trails
      • Can set the inner and outer colors
      • Can set color to “Rainbow”
    • Additional SFX options

Updated Features

  • Hints distribution.
    • Changes how many useful hints are available in the game.
    • Useless: Has nothing but junk hints.
    • Balanced: Gives you a mix of useless and useful hints. Hints will not be repeated.
    • Strong: Has some duplicate hints and no junk hints.
    • Very Strong: Has only very useful hints.
    • Tournament: Similar to strong but has no variation in hint types.
  • Frogs Ocarina Game added to always hints.
  • Hints are only in logic once you are able to reach the location of the gossip stone by logic
    • Hints ignore logic if inaccessible.
  • Foolish choice hint added.
    • Regions that are a foolish choice will not have any required items no matter what route is taken in logic
  • Big Poes location does not require a hint if count set to 3 or less.
  • Add medallion icons to the Temple of Time altar hint.
  • Add a hint for 0/6 trials if trial count is random.
  • Scrub Shuffle now updates the Business Scrubs’ textboxes with the updated price for buying their item.

Updated Options

  • Chest size matches contents updated
    • Boss keys will be in gold chests
    • Small keys appear in small gold chests
  • Free Scarecrow’s Song changes
    • Pulling out ocarina near a spot where Pierre can spawn will do so.
  • Rainbow Bridge changes
    • Spiritual Stones added as bridge requirement
    • 100 Gold Skulltula tokens added as bridge requirement
  • Any location can now be excluded from being required
  • Various advanced tricks has been split into individual tricks to be selected
  • Choose sound effects ocarina uses when played

Bug Fixes

  • Deku and Hylian shields from chests no longer become blue rupees.
  • Force game language to be English even if a Japanese rom is supplied.
  • Door of Time now opens when entering Temple of Time from all spawns.
  • Fix empty bomb glitch.
  • Move item cost to after Player in the spoiler log.
  • Add Wasteland Bombchu Salesman to spoiler log when required for first Bombchus.
  • Fix message text table is too long error when using settings that add a lot of text to the ROM.
  • Kokiri Sword no longer required for fishing as child.
  • Fix Biggoron Sword collection delay.
  • Twinrova phase 2 textbox fix.
  • Switches in Forest and Fire Temple lowered by 1 unit to make it easier to press them.
  • Equipment menu will now show the name of the item you have in the first column.
  • Hover Boots will no longer show up as adult in the first equipment menu slot if a slingshot was not gotten before becoming adult.
  • Ammo items now use the correct item fanfare.
  • Fix chest size matches contents to work for all chests.
  • Removed key for key logic.
  • Removed unused locked door in Water Temple.
  • Scarecrow’s Song should no longer cause softlocks when played in laggy areas.
  • Text error messages no longer display the Pocket Egg text.
  • Ice traps added back to OHKO as the softlock appears fixed.
  • Ganon now says “my castle” instead of “Ganon’s Castle” for light arrow hint.
  • Fix various typos in text
    • Gerudo’s Fortress
    • Zora’s River
    • Red Rupee
  • “Ganon’s Tower” is now just “Ganon’s Castle”.
  • Dampe’s Gravediggin reward correctly flags collection on pickup.
  • Castle Moat Bridge no longer closes when playing the Zelda Escape cutscene
  • The Skip Escape option is now enforced when enabled, even on deaths to Ganon.
  • Various logic fixes.

Multiworld Changes

  • Maximum player count increased from 31 to 255.
  • Ice traps can now be sent to other worlds.
  • Ganon now tells you the location of your Light Arrows, not the location of some Light Arrows that may exist in your world.
  • Item placement rebalanced so that an item for another player can only be placed on a location that both players can reach in logic.

Development Version Changes

  • Output patch file
    • Creates a binary patch file instead of a ROM. Allows sharing a seed without sharing copyright protected material.
  • Patch ROM from file
    • Applies a generated patch file to the base ROM and creates a randomizer ROM. Allows sharing a seed without sharing copyright protected material.
  • Settings presets
    • Adds a functionality to save settings strings for future use.
    • Several presets are already provided.
  • Create settings log if spoiler log is disabled
  • File names no longer include a settings string
    • Instead display a shortened SHA-1 hash of the settings string.
  • Add option for converting settings to a string and back
    • Only convert the specified settings to a settings string.
    • If a settings string is specified output the used settings instead.
  • Python 3.5 is no longer supported
    • You must have Python 3.6 or higher installed to run the randomizer code.
  • Add option to only apply cosmetic patch without generating world data
  • CLI uses a specified settings file instead of taking in each option
    • Uses settings.sav as default if it exists
    • Uses default settings if no settings file is provided and no settings.sav exists.
  • Version check is no longer a dialog
    • Appears in a frame in the main randomizer window.
  • Copy settings string button
  • Cosmetic versioning added to rom. Some cosmetics are only applied if they are safe to do so.
  • Major refactor of code



v3.0 documentation.

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